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Our medical and dental professional financing works for you—to secure funding—for both private and corporate practices. In today’s economic climate, funding is still available for healthcare professionals. Our medical professional financing know-how comes from a combined 40-plus years of experience among our highly trained staff. We are able to quickly explore and move to the best source of funding for your needs.

Healthcare practice loans are among the many services we offer. A healthcare practice loan may be of great importance to you at this time, and our knowledge in bringing the best offers to you is paramount. At IMS Financial we treat each client as a unique individual, a medical professional financing is an individual pursuit. Each doctor, dentist, optician or veterinarian across the nation has a unique situation—a unique story. Knowing your present situation and story helps us represent you that much better. We use common sense and years of experience in helping you obtain the best loan possible. We represent a wide range of both “A” rated lenders with first quality rates as well as private “hardship” lenders.

We work with new and established medical professionals to control their cash flow and enhance the value of their practice.

Our medical (dental) professional financing services include:

  • Practice Acquisition & Start-Up Financing
  • Equipment Financing
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Expansion Financing
  • Business Loan
  • Consolidation
  • Relocation Financing

We provide innovative solutions for all of your healthcare and private needs. During our extensive history in the financial service industry, we have been guided by the principle that we are stewards for your interests. In working with your individual circumstances, it is our responsibility is to bring the best financing and refinancing packages out there to you.

We love cultivating long-term relationships with our clients. As your medical professional financing provider, our staff realizes the hard work you put into building your practice. Let us help grow your business through securing funding for your interests.

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